Operating at the heart of Dubai and Doha, Schemes provides comprehensive end-to-end design & construction solutions.

Whether you are conceptualising your dream home, finding the perfect wallpaper, overlooking the final touches of decorative paint, or constructing a space from the ground up, Schemes is a single-point access for all your design needs.

Established in 1991, Schemes provides its services under 3 primary divisions:
Interior design and furnishing
Walls and floor
Tools and chemicals

With over 50 in-house industry experts, including architects, designers, and analysts, our motto is uncompromised product and service quality, continuous innovation, and rapid diversification across all the 3 divisions.


Our Divisions

Transforming any space is both meticulous and fragmented. Whether it is assessing the site for suitability and readiness or acquiring tools and materials that are durable and sustainably sound, the goal at Schemes is simple: To significantly reduce the time taken for all intermediate processes and streamline our services through 3 primary divisions.


Design, decorate, and transform any space in collaboration with our experts. Choose from an array of carefully curated
collections that personalise your space – from wallpapers and furniture to lighting fixtures and decorative paint.



Every space requires foundational stability, which is what our Walls & Floors division offers. We provide everything from construction materials and architectural paint to protective coatings, waterproofing, and more. This not only means excellent craftsmanship to make your space visually appealing but also ensures longevity and resilience.



Whether you are constructing a space from the ground up, renovating an existing space, or simply modifying the nooks and corners, building anything from scratch requires massive effort. Which is where we make it easy. Through consistent innovation and diversification in our services, we offer machinery, chemicals, abrasives, and materials that fulfill all your building and construction needs.



Schemes provides you with not just the resources but also the expertise to ensure that your space is perfectly aligned with global industry standards. With top-notch quality materials, a diverse range of options, and industry experts to help you realise your vision, the team at Schemes is committed to bringing a paradigm shift in the way spaces are transformed
  • Planet & people-friendly

    With sustainability as one of our foundational principles, we promote the use of materials that are harmless to both the people and the planet.

  • Exemplary quality

    We have repeatedly delivered prestige projects that have stood the test of time, thanks to the exceptional quality of resources and materials used in all our services.

  • Expertise and manpower

    We understand how important input and guidance are when transforming a space. Moreover, the critical role that manpower plays when constructing or designing your favorite space. Therefore, all our projects are led by industry experts in respective domains. Right from conceptualising the design to building and delivering the finished outcomes, our experts and workers ensure that your vision is done justice.

  • Hassle-free

    Schemes as a company has thrived for over three decades through its customer centric approach. With our clients at the heart of our end to end service model, our team does all the heavy lifting while you sit back and watch your dream space come to life.

  • Innovation-driven

    The team at Schemes is driven by its commitment to consistent innovation.