Corium is a decorative paint used to create the crinkle paper effect, a faux painting technique achieved by applying layers of crinkled paper to a wall of wet paint, then painting over the tissue paper with another coat of paint. If you’re looking for more of an antique, rich feel, you can apply a glaze over the crinkle paper that can be enriched with Colortek’s custom colors and effects for truly unique results.



Interior applications on plaster, embossed wall coverings, gypsum board and other properly prepared and primed substrates.

Key Features

  • Hides wall defects
  • Adds depth and nuance to any wall.
  • Odorless
  • Low VOC content
  • Low VOC Emissions

Possible Effects

For a simple textured finish, you can use just paint or cover it with a glaze that’s two shades darker. To create a leather-like texture, use a reddish, brown, or tan paint and finish with a darker glaze. To mimic gold leaf, use gold paint and then rub in a red-tinted glaze.


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