Crackle Glaze

Crackle glaze is used to create a paint effect that will make any piece look like a real deal antique by giving the surface a worn and aged look. This paint will give furniture a beautiful vintage appearance, making it look as if it’s been handed down for generations.



You can crackle finish furniture, an old wooden box, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, a picture frame, ceiling fan blades, a door, Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, flower pots, your ceiling, decorative wall letters, a wooden sign, a lamp, musical instruments, a vase, curtain rods, decorative sculptures, an old bucket, or whatever else you want.

Key Features

  • Gives furniture a beautiful vintage appearance
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Low VOC Content and Emissions

Possible Effects

Fracture lines can be small, medium or large depending on the application technique. It is important to decide on the color combination. The first coat is the color that will show through the fracture lines. The top coat of paint will be the overall color of the piece of furniture.


  • US Quart