A product range specifically designed for cleaning natural stone, composites and concrete.


Concentrated detergent, dilutable in water, suitable for cleaning any surface in marble, granite, quartz, cement agglomerates, etc …

GemsClean Joy, effectively dissolves greasy substances, oils, dirt from trampling, blackening from waxy deposits, processing residues, particularly suitable for cleaning after finishing surfaces. routine thanks to its protective qualities. It can be used with accessories for manual use or with floor-washing or washing-drying machines. it can be diluted in water according to needs and equipment, in use it is a controlled foam product.  
  •  Light cleaning – Dilute 1 part of product with 30 parts of water. (half past one)
  •  Intermediate cleaning – Dilute 1 part of product with 20 parts of water. (1:20)
  •  CConcentrated cleaning – Dilute 1 part of product with 10 parts of water (1:10)


GemsClean Wax is a cleansing product with a strong degreasing power which is combined with an excellent polishing power due to the waxes present in its formulation.

The use of the product allows to intervene on paved surfaces that are also quite compromised from the point of view of cleaning, making them clean and degreased again, then once these surfaces have been cleaned they can be polished making them shiny and giving them a good toning.


GemsClean Muscles is a concentrated, water-based stone cleaner.

Quickly penetrates hard surfaces, soot, grease, algae, mold and fungus.

It is recommended for heavy cleaning of stubborn dirt.