The GEMSEAL line

A range of protective products for all surfaces.
They can be applied to floors, coatings, kitchen tops, stairs, bathroom tops, external and internal walls, tables, shelves and any other kind of processed and composite stone.


Stain-resistant, water-repellent, anti-writing, anti-rising, anti-mold and anti-smog.

High quality product thanks to the use of the best raw materials currently on the market. PREMIUM is the universal protective, in fact it lends itself to be applied on floors, walls, kitchen tops, stairs, bathroom tops, external walls, internal walls, tables, shelves and any other type of stone material, agglomerate and worked concrete.  
  •  Neutral, non-filming, non-yellowing, transpiring and odorless
  •  Resistant to U.V.A. rays, acid rain, protective against smog, atmospheric dirt, trampling dirt, food stains such as oil, coffee, red wine, tea, etc.
  •  It has limited resistance to acid substances
  •  Prevents the formation of mosses and lichens


Neutral solvent-based water repellent.

Suitable for the protection of stone and concrete facades and external cladding. The product is a solution of resins in a solvent, which after drying leave the support neutral and without surface film, transpiring and non-yellowing.
  •  Prevents the absorption of rainwater
  •  It significantly reduces the penetration of dust and dirt
  •  Good resistance to UV rays


Neutral, odorless and colorless solvent-based stain protector.

It has the appearance of a transparent liquid that has a high penetration capacity even in very compact materials such as polished and polished marble, granite, slate, basalt, porphyry and porcelain stoneware. Excellent protection on travertine or similar surfaces


GemSeal Rapid is a preparation in aqueous solution designed to prevent the ascent of minerals from floors and walls in marble, agglomerate and stones in general.

The product must be applied on the back or the side directly in contact with the laying mixes of the tile or slab to be laid.

GemSeal Rapid is compatible with any material used for laying and therefore does not affect the adhesion in any case.


Water based impregnating agent for the protection of cementitious renders, cellular concrete, facing bricks, interlock tiles, natural and artificial stona against rain & weathering.

For out door and indoor applications. The product doesn’t make a film and not change the natural aspect of the surface.


Strong solvent based protective and color enhancer for outdoor / indoor applications.

It reduces the absorption of stains and at the same time enhances the color of the stone.


Treatment for absolute black granite and similar.

GemSeal Raven is black in color specially developed to enhance the Absolute Black surface from imperfections such as white flakes and black spots. It can also be used on other black stones where you want to intensify the color.


Resin-based formulation, in water solution, specific for the protective treatment of industrial floors in cement/concrete, quartz and very porous surfaces in general.


Water-based neutral water repellent stain protection.

It is a product suitable for the protection and consolidation of stone, agglomerate and cement surfaces.

Its formulation is the result of years of experience in the stone surface treatment sector, in addition to maintaining the protective characteristics of solvent-based products, this product, due to its compatibility with water, allows for a significant reduction in intervention times and the related costs.