Oxyd is a decorative paint designed to achieve real rust effects on a variety of surfaces.Combining the traditional art of patinization with modern day paint technology, Oxyd contains real metal particles that will create the distinctive and timeless look of bronze and copper patina or the weathered appearance of rusted iron in a matter of minutes, on any paintable surface.


Key Features

  • Actual metal effects
  • Accelerated metallic tarnish simulation
  • Washable after full curing and protective coat application
  • Non-flammable
  • Low VOC product
  • Limitless effects possible when mixing various versions
  • Oxyd Bronze has a high concentration of real copper and zinc particles.
  • Oxyd Copper has a high concentration of real copper particles.
  • Oxyd Iron has a high concentration of real iron particles


Interior applications on plaster, embossed wall coverings, gypsum board and other properly prepared and primed substrates.

  • US Gallon
  • US Quart