Enhance your rooms by converting walls of all sizes into areas that are both creative and practical with SmartKoats, Colortek’s line of smart and functional paints.

Great ideas can surface anywhere and whether in a residential, professional or commercial interior space, MarkerBoard is a dry erase paint that goes wherever you need it. Use it in office buildings, school, restaurants, or childrens’ rooms to merge fun with functional and to turn every wall into a springboard for interaction and sharing ideas opportunity.

Our dry erase paint can be applied to almost any surface:

Painted walls

And who says a whiteboard has to be white? MarkerBoard is transparent, so it can transform any new or existing paint color into a dry erase surface.

ChalkBoard is a water based paint that allows you to create a matt, non-reflective blackboard area on any smooth, non-porous surface, including drywall, wood, plaster and metal. Hard-wearing and easy to clean. Simply paint onto the substrate to make a design statement and to create a fun space you can use for noticeboards, calendars, menus and much more.

MagnetBoard is a high performance, water based paint that allows you to create a magnetic surface. Combined with our MarkerBoard or ChalkBoard paints, this product will enhance the way you plan and organize your meeting rooms and classrooms. With magnetic surfaces, you can easily create and monitor project plans, schedules, as well as highly interactive spaces for brainstorming and teamwork.

Optimize the walls around you to be always ready for projection yet blend into the background when not in use. DigiBoard® is a single-coat, water based, projection screen paint, that allows anyone to paint a screen onto any surface. Extremely easy-to-use, DigiBoard® can be used for a variety of application such as; art galleries, auditoriums, classrooms, boardrooms, home theatres or game rooms.