Decorative Floorings

Unleash your creativity with Colortek decorative resin floorings. Our selection of decorative floorings is designed to help you create high-performance and very durable seamless surfaces which can be applied over existing tiles or over self-leveling screed.

Planning to create your next masterpiece? Use Liquid Crystal. This finish offers the option to add custom pigments, decorative paint, metallic particles, 3D image and other effects offering a truly customized finish.

Designing a space for contemporary city dwellers? Then Urban is the perfect choice. This stylish decorative finish combines elements of the industrial era with the sleek feel of the modern age.

For a neo-industrial look and feel to your surfaces, use Neocement our wall to floor microtopping (aka microcement & polished concrete). This environmentally-friendly versatile decorative concrete (suitable for exterior & interior) combines cement with water-based polymers to create a stunning surface that meets sustainable architectural standards. Please visit for dedicated website.

Browse our albums to see polished concrete & resin floors solutions for homes, businesses and commercial spaces.