3 Ways to Make a Design Statement Through Colored Concrete

Concrete is the most basic building material. It is poured over a dirt bed or gravel during the installation of a building foundation. It is durable, strong and long-lasting.

For many years, most homeowners have hidden concrete floors under other flooring materials. But today, you don’t have to spend more on the additional floor covering to make your concrete floors looking great.

With the availability of many decorative paint finishes, transforming the iconic plain-gray concrete into an attractive, colorful flooring surface has never been easier.

Modern advancements have led to different design options to allow flooring professionals to reinvent this formerly dull building material completely. Concrete floors can now be textured or polished smooth to provide traction. Moreover, they can be stained or painted using various techniques to imitate natural materials or achieve intricate printed designs.

If you want to create a design statement in your property using colored concrete, here are three ways to do it.

1. Leverage different textures and colors

Creating contrast is the key to highlighting texture. For instance, concrete can look great when it is installed next to something natural like wood, which can also be accomplished using decorative finishes.

Colortek’s decorative floorings can help you create durable and high-performance surfaces that can also be applied over self-leveling screeds or existing tiles.

Here are some of the best options:

  • Liquid Crystal – This is a high-performance, two-pack, highly transparent, solvent-free resin meant to yield a clear glossy surface not just for decorative floors but also for furniture, tabletops, and other creative projects. By combining custom patterns, glitter, pigments, pearlescent effects, or metallic particles, you can create bespoke designs.
  • Urban – This can be applied to new or old concrete to redefine flooring boundaries. It can also help you create a spectacular backdrop if you are looking to imprint your identity in one unified space. It is available in satin, matt and glossy finishes. Most importantly, it is highly resistant to slip, wear, and chemicals.
  • Neocement – If you want something that can be personalized to suit your style, Neocement is a smart choice. You can play with its variety of texture, color and stencils to give your space a unique look and feel. It is the perfect tool for adding light, harmony, and depth to your home.
  • Terrazzo – This is one of the most sought-after flooring materials for modern architecture. It is suitable for high-traffic spaces. Epoxy terrazzo has become a practical option for property owners today because it is low maintenance, resistant to stains and scratches, eco-friendly, and hygienic. It can also be used for walls, stairs, furniture, and countertops.

Apart from decorative floorings, Colortek also offers decorative paint finishes that can be used to attain the look you want for every room. With the plethora of paint solutions, you can transform the usual flat surfaces into dazzling spaces. For instance, you can use coatings with Swarovski crystals or Venetian plasters.

2. Create a focal point

The focal point is one of the most basic interior design elements that grabs the attention of any person entering the room.

One of the famous options for a focal point is an accent wall. And this is where interior paint finishes for walls come into play. You can use bold colors or patterned textures to draw attention.

The following Haute Couture Collection from Colortek can help you create interior walls that can become your home’s focal point. All these decorative fillers have special technical properties that can be used to achieve bespoke designs.

  • 3D Roche – This is recommended for designs that require higher depth and thickness.
  • Terre de Lune – This is recommended for designs requiring a higher depth and medium thickness.
  • Toile Tissée – This is a paste-based filler that can be used to create 3D surfaces. It is recommended for designs that require finer details and greater flexibility.

3. Accessorize

Decorative concrete paints and floorings can be enough to make your home more attractive. But you can also accessorize using different decorative touches like embellished cushions and metallic vases to achieve a better, more vivid living space.

Moreover, concrete can be molded into any shape to create custom furniture, including bookshelves, seating, coffee tables, and dining tables. And with today’s decorative concrete paint finishes, you can make each concrete furnishing mimic sophisticated finishes like stone, tile, or slate without the high cost.

A decorative wood-finished piece can appear real and be made to match modern or rustic styles. It can also be paired with plenty of greenery to achieve an eco-friendly living space.

Indeed, concrete has come a long way. Its versatility allows it to go beyond floor and wall covering, as it can also be molded into different shapes to make space even more beautiful and unique. And with the variety of concrete decorative products, you can definitely achieve the style you want for your space.