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Gems Italia is a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of chemicals, abrasives, and diamond-cutting tools.

Since its establishment, it has focused on the production of chemicals & tools for processing all types of natural stones, ceramics, quartz and marble composites, and concrete.

Gems Italia operates all over the world.

It has built up a strong reputation based on its commitment to safety and reliability and its extraordinary professionalism.

The client is placed at the centre of an extensive project, and offered continuous support, with the aim of providing a leading edge service from every point of view.

Over the years, several products have met with client approval.

For example, our Gems-Seal products line is dedicated to maintaining the beauty of stone, quartz and ceramic surfaces such as kitchen tops, tables and floors.

The Gems-Bond line includes various types of glues to bond, repair, and grout all kinds of natural stone, ceramics or composites, whereas Gems Clean is the must-have solution for the proper cleaning of treated surfaces.

Finally, the Gems-Remover line is suitable for the removal of stubborn stains such as oil, coffee, red wine, tea and any other deep stain from stone, quartz and ceramic surfaces.

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